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Let’s Talk About Blogs

Blogging, by its very nature, is an odd and uncertain thing.  First off, let’s be honest for a minute and admit that we all forgot where the word “blog” even came from until we Googled it and landed in Wikipedia-land.  It has been integrated into our modern language, as well accepted in everyday use as “Kindle,” “app,” “DVR,” or “bootylicious.”

Why, then, is the best available definition something along the lines of:  “Well, you know, it’s like a website where you, like, write stuff.” What does one write about on such a website?  (“Oh, I dunno…like, whatever you want.”) There are blogs on politics, celebrities, food, travel, art, books, shopping, crafting, coupons, careers, parenting, fashion, music, religion, technology, golf–You name it, someone has taken to the internet to yammer about it in their own personalized public forum. With these many voices already covering nearly every topic imaginable, do I really need to add to the cacophony with my own off-key musings? I mean…really?

Of course I do.

I’m a writer, for God’s sake.  Have you ever hung out with a writer?  We never shut up, as long as there’s a keyboard around.  So here’s the deal:  I’m going to write some words; you’re going to read them. Everyone else will get over it.