Split Lip Magazine
A home for quality works of literature/music/fine art/film.”

Sweatpants & Coffee
“A bastion of comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable world.”

Hippocampus Magazine
“Memorable creative nonfiction”

“The thoughts and musings of a smart aleck who resides in Manhattan. I speak loudly but I do not carry a big stick.” From writer Maura Lynch.
The official website of novelist Tyler Grimm

The Problem with Lasagna
Follow fictional character Blossom Hicks, the “Blog Hog,” as she posts about food, cooking, and life.  Based on young adult novel The Problem with Lasagna, by author, educator, and real-life blogger Joy Mushacke Smith.
Kaitlyn Burrier’s Live Blog – playwright, poet, reviewer, and fashionista
The official website of J. Patrick Redmond, blogger extraordinaire & author of the forthcoming novel,
Feeding the Christians.
“Life As a Writer, Mother, and Reader, In That Order.”
Justin Kassab, author of the upcoming
Primal Age Chronicles.



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